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GoodNotes is an online platform that allows users the creation of Handwritten documents that allow you to sketch and write on paper. It acts as a safe haven for all your documents since it provides a central location for them to be safe to prevent destruction or loss and lets you keep all your papers and notes however you would like. 

With GoodNotes you can jot down thoughts at the moment, create photos of illustrations, and then back up files and your notes in the cloud. Utilizing the OCR technology You can look up any documents in GoodNotes which includes handwritten or stylus-written notes as well as PDF documents, text-based texts outline, folder titles.

It is also possible to add images as well as perfect shapes and change the order or size of your pages, which lets you go above the boundaries of paper and many digital notes. With GoodNotes you can choose from a variety of different sizes of paper and sheets that can be adapted to any style of writing or design.

It also offers the option of a document view which allows users to arrange their documents by date or alphabet and arrange each note in a grid or in a single column that lists the file’s name, the date it was opened, and the date that it was opened, its cover design, and an area for your most-loved notes. GoodNotes provide more impressive capabilities to macOS and Windows which we’ll examine here in the article.

What are the features of GoodNotes?

Amazing support for Drag and Drop

With GoodNotes it is possible to drag any item anywhere in any of your Windows PC and Mac to your notes, jots, documents, or import PDF files into GoodNotes that allow the flexibility of editing, simple editing, and switching. You can also drag images of photos, files, and other files to your GoodNotes library and then create New documents from the items you drag.

Flexible Scrolling

GoodNotes provides you with the greatest flexibility since you can move between vertical and horizontal angles as well as switch between pages quickly, which allows for speed and quick response. You can also select the default direction of scrolling and adjust this at any time.

PDF Hyperlinks

Through this function, you will have access to other files. It is easy to transfer PDF files and documents into GoodNotes on your computer, and then open them up, edit, add text pictures, shapes, and text and save them on your cloud.

Documents Tab

On the tab for documents on GoodNotes, You can choose any template for paper from the vast selection of options and choose the Cover book to choose from the collection with a variety of styles. You can also alter the paper you choose and your cover choice by tapping the default preview located on the left-hand side of the screen. The document tab lets you to search for a variety of types of documents, including typed text hand/stylus notes documents, PDF texts, outline documents, folder titles, and much more.

Pen-Up mode

Utilizing the pen-up feature on GoodNotes you can make documents using your fingers or using a stylus pen. You can make use of a fountain pen as well as a brush pen as well as a ball pen, to erase errors using the Eraser tool. Highlight the most important notes.

It is possible to share documents with GoodNotes via email, and then upload them to cloud storage without needing to look through the pages of documents you wish to share. Export your files when you start the export command and then select the device or location which you want to export files.


It is possible to import multiple files into Your GoodNotes library in a variety of ways. The most popular method is to click the New button, then choose the option to import files. It is possible to import PDF documents, files, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

Other Tools

Utilizing other tools such as shape tools it is possible to draw geometric lines and shapes precisely. You can also use the Lasso tool, which allows you to shape and resize objects you have selected. It allows you to insert images from your photo library or take pictures with your camera to place images on the page. The text tool you can tap any place on the page and change to keyboard to type instead of using pen or fingers.

With these incredible features and many more, GoodNotes provides you with the most enjoyable experience in writing and creating documents, editing, and secure keeping.

GoodNotes for Mac

If you’d like to experience the best and most consistent usage of the GoodNotes app on your Mac device, the best method to ensure that happens is with the Mac application. With GoodNotes installed on the device of your Mac device, you will have access to the most important files and information stored on the device. Included are your Notebooks documents, PDF files, documents, and much more. It is simple to start a thumbnail view in GoodNotes or drag and drop PDF images, PDF files, or any other files from your desktop or other places to your Mac device with ease.

You can also move bulk files across multiple places from Your Mac device and place them all on the same page in the GoodNotes app, making your work more organized and categorizable. There are many other fantastic options, including sharing and exporting files created in GoodNotes in Your Mac devices to another application and device. You can also open several GoodNotes windows, as well as access all the other features that GoodNotes offers to you.

Download GoodNotes


GoodNotes 5.

App Version




App Size

222.4 22.4 MB

Supported Version

macOS 10.15 or later.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Last Update

September 2021



Download File


GoodNotes for Windows

Presently, GoodNotes is not available on Windows devices, though the developers are currently working on the development of a Windows version that will enable Windows users to use GoodNotes seamlessly across their gadgets. It is true that GoodNotes can be used without issue when used on Mac as well as iOS devices.


Can I receive discounts for the latest version of GoodNotes for version Mac? Mac version?

The previous customers won’t receive discounts when purchasing the GoodNotes Mac version. The information was made public in the official statement issued by the developer.

Do I have to connect several Mac as well as iOS devices at the same time?

Yes you can. If you’re connected on the exact iCloud accounts on these devices, you should be able to.

Do I have to purchase the Mac app on my own If I have the app installed on the device I’m using it on?

No. It is possible to download the app for free on other devices, based on previous purchases.


Get the most out of your writing experience, with lots of unique features when you work with GoodNotes for your Mac device as well as other devices supported by GoodNotes. With GoodNotes coming for Windows shortly, Windows users will also take advantage of the fantastic features provided by this platform.

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